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Irish Dancing
Contact Erin Peachey 07776 070735
Irish Dancing for boys & girls from 4 years and upwards


7.45 -9.15pm
Kung Fu
Contact Lee Murray 07984 409636


Kent Lau Gar Kung Fu is a Martial Arts School established in 2008 and teaches the traditional Kung Fu style of Lau Gar Kuen (Lau Family Fist) - a form of Kung Fu originating from Southern China. We are part of the British Kung Fu Association (BKFA) and insured by the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA). Come and learn this fascinating and exciting art under the supervision of an experienced and  qualified instructor in a friendly environment. Open to all ages and abilities.


Martial Arts
Contact Cuong Luong 07814 439647


7.30-10.30pm (fortnightly)
Contact Karen Padgham 07801 281694
The PadJam-Hall Big Band are a community band playing a diverse selection of music from Jazz to Swing to Pop and Rock. We rehearse regularly and occasionally perform to invited audiences at the BYG Village Hall. It’s a great village hall to play in and the small kitchen is very handy for refreshments for musicians and audience alike. We love it!


Book your regular event with Anna Lee-Davey on 07841 016558 or email


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